MSG seems like something that went out of style in the 80s.  Chinese food syndrome as it was first described.  In NYC, a place with nearly more Chinese restaurants than China itself, most restaurants have stopped using MSG and have NO MSG written on signs and on menus.

Yet I picked up a box of Triscuits the other day in the grocery store and contemplated how they got that rosemary flavor in the crackers naturally.  BIG LETTERS on the front of the box said NATURAL FLAVORING.  Boy was I surprised to see “Monosodium Glutamate (Flavor Enhancer)” in the list of ingredients.

Note the box editor: “Flavor Enhancer” and “Natural Flavor” do not belong on the same product!  My initial research tells me our government has this same conflicting policy and the FDA (responsible for managing all processed foods) doesn’t even have a policy on what is considered Natural.

They might as well start writing.  “This stuff is good for you!”

It’s kind of like rebates… the manufacturers don’t just lower the price, instead they take a chance that you might not send it in and they might not have to pay that rebate.

The food manufacturers in this country are counting on that many of us don’t know how (or won’t) read the fine print ingredients, and don’t understand the many names of sugar and call them on their lies.  We’re lucky they are still required to print ingredients at all.

Pay attention!  You have the ability to make more intelligent choices!