In today’s NY Times Health section appeared an article When Bad Things Come From ‘Good’ Food.

While I’ve been focusing here most recently on processed foods that have taken over the supermarket with sweeteners and preservatives (high-fructose corn syrup, etc.) made of ‘number 2 field corn’ (often genetically modified) this article sounds another alarm that the citizens of this country need to step up, hear, and respond to.

The article in the Times today mentioned:

The government estimates that over all, food-borne microbes — not just the ones on produce — make 76 million people a year sick, put 325,000 in the hospital and kill 5,000.”

The Times author also commented that there has simply not been much public outrage or disgust at the state of our food supply, even though growers in California are beginning to feel a bit of pressure. How much is enough before people are disgusted and not just happy to wash their produce and hope they don’t get food poisoning? Are you satisfied with solitions such as chemical baths and radiation?

Link to article: When Bad Things Come From ‘Good’ Food