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This article has a lot of great information on the process of manufacturing HFCS including the use of two enzymes (alpha-amylase and glucose-isomerase) which are genetically modified to be more stable.

“Consumers trying to avoid genetically modified foods should avoid HFCS. It is almost certainly made from genetically modified corn and then it is processed with genetically modified enzymes. I’ve seen some estimates claiming that virtually everything–almost 80 percent–of what we eat today has been genetically modified at some point. Since the use of HFCS is so prevalent in processed foods, those figures may be right.”

Should an ingredient that must go thorugh such a process that includes genetically modified enzymes be allowed in foods labeled “All Natural” or “100% All Natural”.  It’s in “Snapple All Natural Lemon flavored Tea”.  It’s in “Arizona 100% All Natural Green Tea with Honey”, yes the stuff in the Zen-like green can or bottle.

Weston A. Price Foundation Board Member Linda Forristal is the author of Ode to Sucanat (1993) and Bulgarian Rhapsody (1998). Visit her website at

This article appeared in Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts, the quarterly magazine of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Fall 2001.

Link to Article: Weston A. Price Foundation

High Fructose Corn Syrup is in nearly everything it seems lately.  I’ve been keen to look for this bugger on ingredients for a while.  I’ve always been a bit suspicious of this ‘super-sugar’, but most of my friends have never heard of it, or heard that it might be a health concern.

I remember watching it slowly replace sugar on the ketchup bottle’s label when I was sitting at a reataurant table over the past several years.  Some still had natural sugar for a while, now they’re all high-fructose corn syrup sweetened that I’ve seen.  Then I heard how high-fructose corn syrup is made.  This stuff is no more natural than meth, and a meth lab doesn’t even have enough equipment to make this stuff!

Studies have not yet been conclusive regarding high-fructose corn syrup as being linked to obesity (or the studies that don’t report any negative findings are sponsored by the Corn Refiners Association) and the endless stream of US Government agencies, it’s not a conspiracy, but the FDA and USDA are guilty here too for listening to sugar lobbyists, changing food recommendations to ‘moderate sugar ‘, and bio-agriculture monsters like ADM go marching forward with lies and the power of NAFTA because they can and nobody seems to notice.  Surely this country’s food policies have the consumers health in mind, or those good Christian companies would have changed to a different sweetener for any of our processed foods, right?

Safety unknown, HFCS is derived from genetically engineered enzymes, clearly listed as an ingredient in food and drinks labeled “All Natural” and “100% All Natural”.  That’s like legally poisoning each consumer who’s looking for Natural products.  I think there should be a class action against every manufacturer of this stuff that ever passed it off as all natural!

All people of this planet are suffering from our mistaken economic and agricultural policies.  Policies that were developed by a government which made decisions to create policy based on economic and/or political influence above it’s concern for the health of the world’s people.

I may seem out of line, but I’m frankly pissed off that it comes to this level of involvement by average consumers to make sure that we have some decent food left in the grocery store at the end of the day.  This is a charge to the agribusinesses and the government agencies to find some transpartisan solutions to this immediately, developing solutions that are inclusive of the entire spectrum of the food chain including the consumer and not just the stockholders.

I am sick of being lied to, and I’m sick that it’s become the status quo to be lied to in this time we are living.