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MSG has become so disliked that food is labeled NO-MSG.  But did you know that soy (thought originally by many vegetarians and vegans to be “healthy”), actually contains higher levels of glutamate than mono-sodium glutamate.

Further, food processors can call it soy protein instead of MSG.

This article rounds up a few foods from the grocery freezer to fill you in on all those salts that are in processed foods, including the ones in soy.

Link to Article: Northwest Arkansas News

Stephen Fox has written a compelling Resolution to Create a New United Nations Undersecretary to Nutrition, responsible for protecting the health of all nations.

“One of the favorite euphemisms for MSG in the food industries is “hydrolyzed vegetable proteins.” The manufacturing process involves first boiling vegetables in sulfuric acid for several hours, then neutralizing the acid with a caustic soda (an alkalizing agent often used to make soap), and then drying the resultant brown sludge, which is then desiccated into a fine brown powder.

This is a beautiful charge that needs everyone’s support.

“The international transport of thousands of harmful compounds is almost completely ignored. Because they have been lied to about the effects of these harmful additives and processes, the World Trade Organization, Consumer Protection divisions at state and national levels, and almost all governments permit the international transport of these harmful substances.”

Link to Resolution:

In this interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock, he discusses the devastating health effects of MSG, aspartame and other excitotoxins.

“Excitotoxins have been found to dramatically promote cancer growth and metastasis. In fact, one aspartame researcher noticed that, when cancer cells were exposed to aspartame, they became more mobile, and you see the same effect with MSG. It also causes a cancer cell to become more mobile, and that enhances metastasis, or spread. These MSG-exposed cancer cells developed all of these pseudopodians and started moving through tissues, which is one of the earlier observations from cancer.”

You may be surprised to know Donald Rumsfeld, was a key player in bringing aspertame to market (linked by Italian studies to all kinds of lymphomas and leukemia).  But the industry will not correct itself without public pressure.

“Donald Rumsfeld was the one who pushed a lot of this through, when he was in the chairmanship of the G.D. Searle company, NutraSweet. He got it approved through the regulatory process, but once it was approved, the government didn’t want to admit that they had made a mistake.”

Safe you say, you just drink soy milk?

The glutamate levels (in soy milk) are higher than a lot of what you’ll find in MSG products, yet the vegetarians are just eating it like it’s the healthiest thing in the world.”

Link to Article:  Newstarget

MSG seems like something that went out of style in the 80s.  Chinese food syndrome as it was first described.  In NYC, a place with nearly more Chinese restaurants than China itself, most restaurants have stopped using MSG and have NO MSG written on signs and on menus.

Yet I picked up a box of Triscuits the other day in the grocery store and contemplated how they got that rosemary flavor in the crackers naturally.  BIG LETTERS on the front of the box said NATURAL FLAVORING.  Boy was I surprised to see “Monosodium Glutamate (Flavor Enhancer)” in the list of ingredients.

Note the box editor: “Flavor Enhancer” and “Natural Flavor” do not belong on the same product!  My initial research tells me our government has this same conflicting policy and the FDA (responsible for managing all processed foods) doesn’t even have a policy on what is considered Natural.

They might as well start writing.  “This stuff is good for you!”

It’s kind of like rebates… the manufacturers don’t just lower the price, instead they take a chance that you might not send it in and they might not have to pay that rebate.

The food manufacturers in this country are counting on that many of us don’t know how (or won’t) read the fine print ingredients, and don’t understand the many names of sugar and call them on their lies.  We’re lucky they are still required to print ingredients at all.

Pay attention!  You have the ability to make more intelligent choices!