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In today’s NY Times Health section appeared an article When Bad Things Come From ‘Good’ Food.

While I’ve been focusing here most recently on processed foods that have taken over the supermarket with sweeteners and preservatives (high-fructose corn syrup, etc.) made of ‘number 2 field corn’ (often genetically modified) this article sounds another alarm that the citizens of this country need to step up, hear, and respond to.

The article in the Times today mentioned:

The government estimates that over all, food-borne microbes — not just the ones on produce — make 76 million people a year sick, put 325,000 in the hospital and kill 5,000.”

The Times author also commented that there has simply not been much public outrage or disgust at the state of our food supply, even though growers in California are beginning to feel a bit of pressure. How much is enough before people are disgusted and not just happy to wash their produce and hope they don’t get food poisoning? Are you satisfied with solitions such as chemical baths and radiation?

Link to article: When Bad Things Come From ‘Good’ Food

What’s your relationship to your food? Do you know where it comes from, and what processes your grower uses? Yes, most call themsleves ‘growers’ now in California, not ‘farmers’.

These are some of the ways to be more conscious about the source, quality, and safety of what you eat.

This article by one green farmer echos many who have returned to the direct sources of local farmers over the huge network of industrial producers.

Link to Article: Know your farmer, know your food

This well done piece of investigative journalism about the international agri-business named ADM headquartered in the Midwest, by a resident of the Midwest follows the money, using the theme of a Church Lady skit she shows “How conveeeeeenient!”

“Looking at their contributions between 1990 and 2006,  they gave a total of $7,778,389, with 57% going to the Republicans, 43% going to the Democrats. However, unlike many big donors they gave much more ($1,970,060) in contributions in 2002 mid-term elections than they did in the presidential election year 2004 ($102,175). The reason? The 2002 farm bill. ADM knows what it is doing.”

“Unfortunately, we can’t afford $2mil in campaign contributions for each farm bill to turn things around. We just vote. We’re just citizens. What do we count? (Diebold, don’t answer that.)”

Link to : ePluribus Media – citizen journalism

This cute article hopefully lightens the atmosphere of all these other posts I’ve made to get the word out about high-fructose corn syrup.

Bella – the 5 year old who’s face appears on Bellas Cookies is running for office, and her cookie campaign is to get back our “cookie roots”.  It’s a campaign plan for all children to expect excellence from their cookies!

“NO trans fats, NO hydrogenated oils, NO artificial coloring or flavoring, NO preservatives, NO high fructose corn syrup and NO refined sugar”

Link to Article:  5 Year Old Announces Candidacy

Off topic only slightly, this article over at News Target asks the question …

“What’s the point of recycling all this packaging if the products being purchased and consumed are toxic to the environment in the first place? … It’s okay to dump anything you want into the environment as long as you recycle the box it came in.”

Link to Article: The Recycling Contradiction