This well done piece of investigative journalism about the international agri-business named ADM headquartered in the Midwest, by a resident of the Midwest follows the money, using the theme of a Church Lady skit she shows “How conveeeeeenient!”

“Looking at their contributions between 1990 and 2006,  they gave a total of $7,778,389, with 57% going to the Republicans, 43% going to the Democrats. However, unlike many big donors they gave much more ($1,970,060) in contributions in 2002 mid-term elections than they did in the presidential election year 2004 ($102,175). The reason? The 2002 farm bill. ADM knows what it is doing.”

“Unfortunately, we can’t afford $2mil in campaign contributions for each farm bill to turn things around. We just vote. We’re just citizens. What do we count? (Diebold, don’t answer that.)”

Link to : ePluribus Media – citizen journalism